Travel Girls

Five girls have been chosen to compete for the chance to be a television star with their own travel show. Travelling across many nations these girls will have to produce their own travel stories in each location, facing challenges with the locals, the production team and each other!

The difference with this show is the chance to see the 'real' behind the reality. We go far, far behind the scenes and not only do we see drama unfold with the girls, but within the production team itself. How the producers fight to feature their own story lines, how the girls are manipulated by the producers and how the Travel Girls turn the tables in order to gain the advantage over their competition.

If you have ever wondered what went on behind the camera to get those perfect shots and or just how manipulative a producer can be to create a juicy storyline, all the behind the scenes secrets are revealed in Travel Girls.

This 13-episode documentary drama series has aired on Discovery UK Travel Channel, TV2 in Norway, ZEE TV in India and mobile via AT&T, Sprint and Verzion.

(credit: editor / sound design)

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