"The real star in this story is the production team working on it. Not only doing a phenomenal job bringing the series to fruition, but tirelessly working on the story and bringing the real-life drama to the screen in an honest, natural and entertaining fashion. It's no doubt helping to build and hopefully sustain the momentum that we're feeling around the country for the show. Nick has brought so much to this job – he's honestly blown me away with his expertise and critical touches."

   —Wes Dening
      Producer, Big Crazy Family Adventure, The Flying Winemaker, Stafford Brothers
      Host, Code:9, World's Dumbest, Totally Wild



Living Savvy
(credit: camera / editor)

Repo the Rich
(credit: editor)


"I loved the editing. I thought Nick had done a wonderful job in editing the promo. I rarely see such good editing."

   —Dione Gilmore
      Executive Producer, Natural History Unit, ABC Television