“The series was a huge success. I really feel like one of the team and I have never worked with a more creative, patient, flexible and hard working person.”

   Sandi Anderson
      Publishing Manager, Parsons Brinkerhoff


“You did a tremendous job - NO CHANGES - that’s a world first for us!
Thanks for your effort on this project, and thank you for running the video to Major League.
Love your work!”

  Susan Duffy
      Marketing Executive, AMX Australia


Nova koffee
(credit: editor)

Nova Nation
(credit: editor)


“Great words from the client, he leaves for Canada and then Europe this afternoon a very happy person. He will be using the presentation we produced a play to hundreds of potential clients around the world. We met a very tight deadline and delivered the goods at a very high standard.”

  Peter Threlfall
      Director, TPD Media


(credit: editor, sound design)

Q150 Steam Train

(credit: editor)