The Stafford Brothers Series - Behind the Scenes

Fox8 Promos

It's always interesting to see how others showcase your work. The Fox8 promo department made their own ad for each episode that airing that week. They focused on the rockstar party lifestyle, perhaps even dumbing it down in the process, but to their credit I thought the ads commanded attention and felt great. Plus, it's kind of a thrill to hear another voiceover spruiking the show when it's your baby - kind of like overhearing another parent praising your child!

Season 2 Teaser

This is the teaser we created to pitch to Fox to get a second season. It was prior to shooting anything, so we had to use what we knew was on the cards for the cast and fudge the rest. Some events turned out fairly accurately, while others took surprising turns. But hey, it's hard to foresee the future!

I think we nailed the general feeling overall of what was going to be different in season two and how the characters would grow in real life, which was what Fox was asking for. In hindsight, it's a little long - but it got us the green light. Plus we got that fantastic slow-motion shot of the boys shoving Brooke and Joey off screen to use in the show's title sequence. I got to direct as the show's creator was in LA and I had great fun getting all the little reactions out of them and keeping up their energy. We also captured a bunch of funny stuff that I ended up using for the Blu-Ray/DVD menu backgrounds.

Season 2 - Teaser
(credit: director, camera, editor, sound design)

Shit Joey Says (NSFW)
(credit: editor / sound design)

Shit Joey Says

The "Shit Joey Says" video was a fun little extra from season one that we made while it was finishing airing. As it was made for YouTube, the censored expletive is revealed as the clip containing the offending word had to be bleeped for broadcast. As most people watching the censored clip marvel at what on earth could be censored straight after Joey says "fuck" and take a wild guess at what the word might be, you'll see in this video that the word is in fact "retard", which is worse because it doesn't just mean slow, it's a hate crime and discriminatory and racist and unpatriotic and bigoted and sexist and mean. Anyway, at the risk of sounding like a complete hipster, this video totally came out right before all the "Shit XYZ Say/Do" videos did.

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