I'm Nick Birch, a Media Production Professional.

Welcome to my portfolio!

I have been working in the creative industries since 2000: mainly as an editor for local and international television series, commercials, documentaries, short films, corporate projects and music videos. I also produce, direct, shoot, sound-design and write.

My extensive experience and natural affinity with clients and their vision makes me a favourite to work with, seeing the return of many satisfied customers. I’ve worked with TV networks, Hollywood producers, radio stations, mining magnates, airlines, actors, singers, dancers, lawyers, charities, designers, construction, children, animals, sports, tourism and even a volcanologist.

I believe in balance, loyalty, freedom, humour and truth—values which permeate my livelihood.

My enterprise is to make your story rise and shine in the most admirable, genuine, spectacular and engaging style possible!

Check out my publications at GRIN.com on the creative industries, technological innovation, branding, communications, cultural entrepreneurship, advertising
and more!

I also have a webcomic over at littlelifelines.com if you'd like to stop by and wet your pants.

There's cartoons and words and pictures and stuff that is supposed to be funny and at times maybe a little tender.

Sometimes there are stories and poems or violence and rude bits.